When I got my menstrual period 3 days back. Since earlier I had cyst, I went to the doctor for doing ultrasound this time to check whether it was cyst this time. After doing the ultrasound test, the doctor told me that there was no cyst this time. However, she told me that she saw a follicle. I am no more having period but have noticed pink spotting. Is it a symptom of pregnancy? What could be the reason? Is there a need to do some more tests?

Answer (by Dr. Neelam Dhamija): Congratulations, your ultrasound report confirms that there is no cyst now. A small sized cyst usually disappear after the period therefore your doctor might have advised you for an ultrasound after the period. You had period three days back so it is not possible to become pregnant three days after the period. Похожее изображениеUltrasound report showed a small follicle, this follicle is nothing but a hollow ball of cells with an  immature egg in the centre. This grows in size and then ruptures to release an ovum at the time of ovulation and if it happens to get fertilized by a healthy sperm can cause pregnancy. So do not worry about the follicle. Pink coloured spotting may be due to  very slight bleeding you might be having in the last days of your period.

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