Plant stem cells are becoming quite popular in the skin care industry. If you’re a nut for face creams, beauty, and just darn right looking a couple years younger, chances are, you’ve already heard about plant stem cells or have even already picked up a tub of some anti aging product with it being a key ingredient.

But whether you’re already a fan or still deciding to take it on or even if it is the first time you’ve ever heard about it, remember to always make reading a habit and do a little bit of research. It is essential to know your skin, sure, but it is just as important to know what you’re doing to it.

Plant Stem Cells And Skin Care: What You Need To Know

Let’s start with skin. Every day, your skin goes through some sort of wear and tear, whether you’re out in the office, taking a break on the beach, or even just spending some quality time at home, your skin is always exposed to potential “damage”, so to speak. It could be physical stress, those nasty UV rays, or even just some harsh chemicals that may be lurking in household products.

So what helps protect your skin from all sorts of unwanted factors? (Not to mention actual cuts and wounds)

Stem cells, skin stem cells.

Simply put, skin stem cells are responsible for the regeneration of your skin, different layers and all, as well as for healing wounds and what not.

  • You can learn more about stem cells here.

Now, what helps protect your skin stem cells that help protect your skin? (and basically everything underneath)

Stem cells, pant stem cells.

Sure, your skin, as mentioned above, naturally produces its own stem cells to do what it needs to do. However, the older you get, the slower production is. That’s where plant stem cells come in. These days, certain skin care companies creat products that either have specialized peptides, enzymes, and yes, plant stem cells. These products, which usually come in the form of a cream of sorts, are topically applied right on your skin and actually help protect your natural human skin stem cells from all sorts of damage as well as deterioration, and even stimulate their production.

Apple Stem Cell products, which you can learn more about here, are probably the most popular at the moment. However, different kinds are starting to catch on as well, such as grapeseed, lilac, and gotu kola to name a few

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