Atkins Diet. The Atkins Diet focuses on low carbohydrates and high protein intake. In this diet, there are four phases. Phase I is the induction phase where you start losing weight because you limit carbohydrate intake and increase proteins into your diet. Then through the other phases, you increase little more carbohydrates into your diet and then the last phase of care is in helping you use the Atkins Diet for life. For more information on the Atkins Diet, including reviews and experiences from Atkins dieters, visit our Atkins Diet section.


Best Life Diet
Developed by Bob Greene for Oprah Winfrey, the Best Life Diet contains three stages that allow you to gradually change your eating and exercise habits to create a more healthy and active lifestyle. For more information on the Best Life Diet, including reviews and experiences from Atkins dieters, visit our Best Life Diet section.

At Jenny Craig, dieting is made easy with meals that are planned and prepared for you. Different membership options are available from the less expensive personalized service to more. The more you spend, the more personalized attention you receive. One-on-One consultations are granted and on-line support is offered. For more information on the Jenny Craig Diet, including reviews and experiences from Jenny Craig dieters, visit our Jenny Craig section.

The South Beach Diet is focused on low carbohydrates and normal protein intake. In this diet, during the first two weeks, carbohydrates are taken out of the diet. Then good carbohydrates are introduced – fruits and whole grain elements. If done properly, this is probably one of the healthier popular diet programs. For more information on the South Beach Diet, including reviews and experiences from South Beach dieters, visit our South Beach Diet section.

Instead of counting calories, Weight Watchers uses a point system to count your food intake. Every food item is given so many points, depending on their calories, fat content and fiber content. The amount of points you can eat in a day depends on your weight. This point system helps you maintain more of a balanced eating habit. For more information on the Weight Watchers Diet, including reviews and experiences from Weight Watchers, visit our Weight Watchers section.

Biggest Loser Diet Club – Sign Up NowThe Biggest Loser Club
Based on NBC’s hit TV show, the Biggest Loser Club focuses on losing weight with diet and fitness in a supportive community atmosphere. This online club gives you access to the diet & fitness program used by the contestants – personalized to fit your goals and lifestyle.

88x31 White Dr. Sears Zone Logo Banner The Zone Diet
The Zone Diet offers a variety of products to support a healthy lifestyle that are not available in stores but only from Established in 2002, is based on the vision of Dr. Barry Sears, best selling author of the Zone Diet Books and a leading authority on the dietary control of hormonal response.

Among the variety of products we offer at, patented, highly purified Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrates are our core products and are deemed the top performing oil for concentration of long chain Omega-3 fatty acids, purity and oxidation by IFOS, the world’s strictest independent lab. They are twice as strong and 100 times more pure than fish oil sold in stores and contain the highest concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids in the marketplace, making it extremely economical. Some other products we offer are Zone Bars, Shakes, Pasta & Cereal, a line of Specialized Supplements and even anti-oxident rich Olive Oil, Toasted Sesame Oil & SeaHealth Plus.

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