My child is 11 month old. He is very irritable and uncomfortable these days. He is getting new teeth these days. Please guide me regarding his problem. Are his coming teeth disturbing him? Why is teething disturbing him?  Are all children uncomfortable during teeth development period? Can anything be done to make him comfortable? Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): Teething is the normal physiological process which happens. In most children eruption of milk teeth is preceded by increased salivation, and child will want to put hands and fingers into the mouth. These are indication that the teeth will soon erupt. Some children become restless and fretful other conditions like diarrhoea, fever are also common. Generally many children suffer from this problem. There are something you need to take care of keep a watch on your child as to don’t allow him to put hand and fingers inside the mouth. Toys and milk bottles should be well sterilised before giving them. For fever, diarrhoea or any other problem, do refer to paediatrician. Try to maintain the oral cavity clean, use a cotton swab dipped in mouthwash and clean the gums. Massaging the gums will also help.

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