My mother is 53 yrs old. She has just started using dentures. She cleans her dentures daily in the morning with the toothbrush and toothpaste. Whenever any food particle gets stuck between dentures and gums while eating, she removes her dentures without washing her hands and wears it again after washing it with plain water. Is it necessary to wash hands before taking out dentures? Do we need to wash it with some antiseptic lotion before wearing it? Please tell me, how should one take care of the dentures? Is my mother taking care in right way?

Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): Dentures need proper care to avoid contamination. Toothpaste should not be used to clean the dentures, toothpaste contains abrasive agents which can abrade denture surfaces and can make it rough and prone to more unhygienic surface. Похожее изображениеThere are special denture cleanser available  commonly at local chemist shops. You can consult your dentist for the prescription. Before wearing dentures one should clean their hands with proper antiseptic hand wash. Before going to bed the dentures should be removed and kept in a clean container with fresh water, water should be changed after every use.

*Dr. Chirag Semlani Dr. Chirag Semlani is a Dental Surgeon, running his dental clinic in Khernagar, Bandra East, Mumbai, India.

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