Most of the women during and after pregnancy come across with dark spots on  face. These dark spots are referred to dark patches or Melasma.  It appears mostly at the face on forehead, cheeks and on chin. Melasma eclipse the beauty of women. Похожее изображениеMelasma or dark patces on face can be removed by different ways. We can remove them by medical treatment by visiting our doctors. A very easy and mostly used way to treat Melasma is to use home remedies. These remedies are very effective and useful. Moreover it cost very low. You can use these remedies at home.

Tip No.1: Vnegar is very useful in removing pregnancy dark spots on face. As vinegar is acetic acid and is a skin cleanser. Dilute the vinegar in water and apply it on the face particularly on the dark spots of the face. Use it on daily basis to remove the dark spots. You will get a tremendous results within days.

Tip No.2: Squeeze onion juice and apply it on the face dark spots at night. You can use onion juice with apple vinegar and apply it on face dark spots. also onion slices dipped in apple vinegar and placed them on the dark spots of the face is also useful to remove them.

Tip No.3: Squeeze lemon juice and apply it on the face dark spots to remove them. Cut the lemon in two pieces and remove the seeds the rub it on the face dark spots. It will give a tremendous results within no time.

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