Congratulations! You’re pregnant. I know you’re excited but maybe a little apprehensive on how your body changes? How everything gets bigger-your breasts, your stomach, your butt. On average pregnant women gain between 25-30 lbs. The breakdown on where the weight goes are as follows:

  • pregdiet2 lbs for the breasts (1 lb. for each breast)
  • 2 lbs for the uterus
  • 11 lbs for the fetus and placenta
  • 9 lbs of increased fat
  • 2 lbs of increased water retention =26 lbs total

But if you’re wondering how much you will gain for each trimester, here’s the breakdown. During the 1st trimester, due to increased eating and metabolic changes in your body, the woman gains about 5 lbs. In the 2nd trimester due to increased fluid-water retention and support structures in maintaining the fetus, 5-10 lbs are gained. In the 3rd trimester where the growth of the fetus changes dramatically, the woman gains 10-20 lbs.

The systems of the body also change in the pregnant female. Your respiration rate increases and the blood carries more oxygen than it did before, increasing the pH of the blood. Your heart rate also increases since the body needs more blood to support the growing fetus. The pregnant woman also experiences increased constipation due to the body conserving more water and the bowel muscles to decrease its activity. The frequency to urinate also increases because in early pregnancy, the uterus presses down on the bladder and later in the pregnancy, the head of the fetus descends into the pelvis and presses down on the bladder.

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