Pregnancy infections may cause damage to growing fetus or baby.  The medications or drugs used to treat pregnancy infections also cause drug induced damages to both mother and baby.

Common pregnancy infections:-

Common cold and flu :-

Common cold is the common Pregnancy infection occurs in pregnant women. As the cold is common infection women are also affected. Usually no treatment is needed to treat common cold. Even with or without treatment cold subsides after a week. If Common cold and flu are not sever avoid drugs. Drink plenty of water and take protein rich diet.

Thrush :-

Thrush infections are common in pregnant mother.  Chlamydia infections are usually caused by  yeast such as Candida albicans. Candida albicans is commonly found in genital tract up to 16% in non pregnant women and up to 32 % in pregnant mother.  Itching, soreness and  white discharge are the common symptoms of thrush pregnancy infections. Thrush pregnancy infections are rare in first pregnancy, and seen during second or third time pregnancy and during third trimester of pregnancy and risk is increased during summer. Women with diabetes, following antibiotic course, are at risk of thrush pregnancy infections.  Clotrimazole solution is the treatment of choice to treat thrush pregnancy infections.
Group B Streptococcus infections :-

Group B streptococcus is the bacteria  present in pregnant women genital tract, and causes no problem to women.  some women get infected from group B streptococcus and treatment is given with antibiotic ointments. antibiotics can be given orally also.

Sexually transmitted diseases :-

Chlamydia and gonorrhoea are the common infections during pregnancy. pregnancy infections infect the baby during delivery and causes eye infections. Gonorrhoea is very rare and occurs in less than 1 women out of 1000 pregnant women. Chlamydia is the more common pregnancy infection, occurs in nearly 5 % of pregnancies. Chlamydia also lead to chest infections in the baby or may infect the lining of mother’s womb soon after delivery. After screening the Chlamydial and gonorrhoea pregnancy infections using swab, it can be treated effectively.

Urinary tract infections :-

Urinary tract infections are common in pregnant women because the urine flow from ureter to bladder is altered. Most of the pregnant women get UTI, it is the most commonly occurring among pregnancy infections.

Toxoplasmosis :-

Toxoplasma gondii, is the parasite that cause infection in pregnant women. Symptoms of Toxoplasmosis pregnancy infection is similar to flu and glands becomes swollen in neck region.

Chicken pox : –

Is very rare infection but if women are infected it severely damages . So mother should prevent this pregnancy infection by avoiding contact with Chicken pox affected  individuals. Immediate medical care is needed to avoid complications in baby and mother.

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