Preparations. The first thing you, as a couple, should do is schedule an appointment with your doctor and both get a full body check up to make sure everything is working fine. In the majority of cases everything will be ok and the doctor will inform you that you’re both perfectly fertile and the woman is fit enough to carry a healthy child. Any infections, sexually transmitted diseases or generally poor health condition can result in impaired fertility, or even endanger your future baby. This means you’ll need to get these things treated before trying to have a baby.

Preparations Before Getting Pregnant

After doing a blood test at the doctor’s office, he should be able to tell you which vitamins and minerals your body is lacking of. With this information, they’ll be able to prescribe you the vitamin tablets you need, as well as some prenatal vitamins which will help you conceive a baby.

Natural Ways To Get Pregnant Faster

How To Become Pregnant Faster

Have Frequent Sex

It’s no secret that the more you, as a couple, have sex, the more chances you have of conceiving a baby. The optimum number is usually 3 times a week, but this really depends on your personal preferences, capabilities, schedules and sex drive. You might find that 2 is a comfortable number for you, or it might be that 4 times a week works out better.

A lot of couples schedule the time they have sex in line with ovulation, but this is generally a bad idea if you’re trying to get pregnant faster, as the ovulation phase in a cycle can be irregular. Having sexual intercourse several times a week will ensure that at least one of these times will be during your most fertile period of the month.

Know When You’re Most Fertile

Every month, there is only a small window that opens up before ovulation in which you can get pregnant. As we mentioned above, timing sex too strictly and not having sex frequently enough is bad, but it’s definitely a good idea to check roughly when your ovulation starts, and therefore, know roughly when the window opens.

There are many ways to know when your ovulation phase starts and it’s definitely a good idea to use several of these methods to give you a better idea. First and foremost, the easiest method most women use is to look for signs and signals from your body telling you that this time of the month is near. To compliment this, you can also buy testing kits to determine when you’re most likely to hit the ovulation stage, or you can simply chart the days you get to the stage month by month.

Enjoy Your Time Together

For some people, during this time of their lives, having sex can seem a bit like a chore – you’re doing it only for the sake of having a child. This can have a very negative impact on your sex life, and if you’re not careful this can demage your relationship. To keep on enjoying the sex you’re having, maybe try spicing things up in the bedroom, try things that you haven’t tried before and keep the bedroom an exciting place for both of you. Some scientific research has been done supporting the idea that women that have an orgasm during sex stand a better chance of getting pregnant. For men, a harder orgasm will result in more sperm being released, which again will help you get pregnant.

Know What Lubricants To Avoid

Some lubricants such as Astroglide and KY Jelly, while may be safe for usage when you’re not trying to have a baby, can lower your chances of having a baby. The chemicals and ingredients used to make these products can actually kill off some of the sperm cells. If you’re not able to enjoy sex without lubrication, then there are plenty of sperm friendly products available on the market.

After you’ve decided with your other half that you’re going to take the leap and try to have a baby, it’s easy to get impatient and want to get pregnant as soon as possible, which of course is perfectly understandable. In this article, we’ll list some tips on how you can get pregnant faster, as well as a bit of preparation you might want to do before diving straight into bed.

Having a baby should not be an impulsive thing, and a little bit of preparation could go a long way to avoid disappointment, confusion and headaches later on.

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