Nothing is a bigger buzz kill than a case of shin splints – talk about a truly frustrating sports injury. Shin splints can occur out of a variety of reasons, most of them including over excessive use of the shinbone. You might have increased your speed on the treadmill or performed a new dance move for a longer period of time than your body was accustomed to. Whatever the case may be, you ended up with tiny tears in the tissue of your lower legs, causing you pain and the inability to use your leg muscles like you once did. Although the only way to heal a shin splint is through lots of rest, there are ways to help prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Strong shin muscles are your greatest line of defense against the insufferable shin splint. Performing some shin strengthening exercises is your sure fire bet to ensure that shin splints will be a pain of the past. One easy shin strengthening exercise involves sitting in a comfy chair and using a dumbbell. Place yourself in a chair that is tall enough where your toes can point forward without touching the ground. Grab a two- to six – pound dumbbell vertically between your feet and hold it in place. Start by pointing your toes toward the floor and the flexing to lift your feet up as high as you can go. This counts as one rep – try it out for three sets of 12 reps.

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