Tooth decay in children if not treated at the right time can result in serious dental issues and systematic infections later. A child suffers from tooth decay when bacteria present in food items stays back in the teeth resulting in formation of cavities. Below we have discussed ways of preventing tooth decay in children naturally.

The first step to ensure that your child never develops cavity is by introducing a proper dental hygiene. This should start right from the time your baby is a few days old i.e. even before the teeth of tPreventing tooth decay in childrenhe baby appear. The baby’s gums must be wiped using a damp and soft cloth whenever you feed him; this will remove the debris, which is the main factor inviting the bacteria. Once your child’s teeth start appearing, you must shift into a tooth brush having soft bristles; during the initial years you will not need to use toothpastes. Start using toothpastes for brushing your child’s teeth only when he turns into a toddler. In case of the older children, besides brushing the teeth, you must also introduce flossing for keeping their gums healthy. A child must visit the dentist twice every year for getting their teeth checked for decay.
Tooth decayTips to prevent tooth decay in children in children can be prevented successfully by decreasing the sugar intake of the child. Some food items can be removed from the teeth and gums easily compared to others. For instances, the crunchy food items generally are unlikely to stick to the child’s cervices; but chewy candy, lollipops and fruit snacks are often found to cling to the gums and teeth of the child. Whenever your child consumes a sugary beverage or food, you must give him a glass of plain water to drink. The water will flush out the sugar and will also remove the bacteria that might trigger formation of cavities.
Tooth decay in children can also be prevented by giving them fluorinated water for drinking. The fluoride present in this water will make the child’s teeth stronger and stop them from encountering decays.

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