Just the other day I was watching Look-a-Like, a TV show when one of the makeover people made a comment that about 90% of women wear ill-fitting bras. Wow. That is a huge statistic. So you have to wonder, if almost all of us are wearing ill-fitting bras, do we even know that they are ill-fitting or do we think we have the proper fit bras?Here’s a quick test. Look at yourself in the mirror wearing just your bra.

  • Do your bra straps dig into your shoulders?
  • Do your breasts overflow from the top or sides?
  • Do your straps keep sliding down your shoulders?
  • Does your band in the back dig in and cause lumps?
  • Do you not use the middle clasp of the bra band?
  • Does the center part of the bra lie away from your chest?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are one of the 90% of women who wear ill-fitting bras.

Finding the Right Fit

Before you can find the right fit, you must understand how the various parts of your bra work together to support your breasts. There are three parts of a bra: the cups, the bra band and the straps.

The function of the cups is to support your breasts comfortably and to give them a “lift”. There should not be any overflow over the tops of the cups or at the sides of the cups. If any overlfow occurs, then the cups are too small. There also should not be any gaps between the breasts and the cups. If there is, then the cups are too big. The cup sizes range from A’s and up to F’s or bigger. The center between the cups should also touch the center of the chest. If it does not then the cups are too small.

The bra band wraps around the woman’s body under the breasts. The bra band should rest just under the shoulder blades in the back in a horizontal line. The bra band should not be riding up or riding down. The middle hooks should also be used when clasping the bra closed. If you are constantly using the last hooks, the bra band is too small. The cups and the band should be able to fully support the breasts without the straps.

STRAPS The straps give extra support to the breasts and helps in the lifting of the breasts. The straps should lie upon the shoulders comfortably and not dig in into the shoulders. If digging in occurs, try loosening the straps more, otherwise, wider straps may work better. If the straps are constantly falling down the shoulders, the bra band may be too small. You can also try using the bras with more of a “U-shaped” backing or the T-strap/Racer back bras.

The next time you are shopping for a bra, ask to be fitted by a bra fitting specialist. They are very knowledgeable in the different bra styles that may fit you the best. When you are trying on your bras in the dressing rooms, make sure they fit properly and adjust all the straps before you leave. You should also walk in them and jump around in them, especially for strapless bras, to make sure that they will stay in place.

Good luck in finding the perfect bra. Sometimes it can be frustrating finding the proper bra, but at least in the end, you will know that you are now one of the 10% of women with proper fitting bras.

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