Health QuestionsCategory: MedicationsAdding Ability and Lexapro at same time?
edna asked 3 years ago

My pdoc has added 5 mg of abilify and 5 mg of lexapro to my current cocktail which is lamictal, xanax, and trazodone. This is to help the depression and reduce the anger/rage which is making me self-destructive (hospital last week).  
I started taking the two of them, and I was very sleepy.  So now I have no idea which one is causing this.  
Is there any good reason to start them together?  Does one boost the other?  
If not,  I think I’ll take the abiilify for a week or so and then add the lexapro.  
My pdoc is not available even for a phone call until next mid-week. She didn’t say anything about NOT taking them together, so I assumed that was what I was supposed to do.  
Thanks for your help and thoughts.

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gretl answered 3 years ago

Re: Adding Ability and Lexapro at same time?
Hmmm, good question.  You’re right that starting two meds at the same time makes it tough to figure out what causes what (both side effects and clinical improvement).  But if your pdoc added them both at the same time, she probably thought it was warranted.  Not for the synergistic effect, but maybe because Lexapro will take awhile to kick in and theoretically you should start seeing therapeutic benefit from the Abilify fairly quickly.
Personally — and this is just me — if the sleepiness was really overwhelming and didn’t improve with taking the meds at night, and I couldn’t get hold of my pdoc, AND I was feeling basically stable, I’d probably do what you’re suggesting … start one at a time.  But that’s a lot of “if’s” *grin*
How’s it going today?

edna answered 3 years ago

Re: Adding Ability and Lexapro at same time?
Hi Gretl, well, I sat here with my finger up my nose trying to figure out how to handle this and finally decided to take both of them at bedtime last night.  Soooooo that was a powerful dose of bedtime medications: 1 mg Xanax, 100 mg. Trazodone, 5 mg. Abilify, 5 mg. Lexapro.  Anyway, I slept good, about 8 hours, and so far today I’m feeling good.  But it’s a quiet day here at home, so this is not a good test I guess.
Anyway, it doesn’t seem to have hurt, so I guess I’ll keep on doing this until something tells me I shouldn’t.  I’ll see the doctor in a week or so and see what she says.
I know the Lexapro will take awhile, so I was anxious to get on with that, but actually felt that the Abilify was more critical for my current situation.  Oy vey!