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firedancer asked 3 years ago

I have been on Xanax on an as needed basis.  I am fully aware of the addiction factor.  I am curious about maybe switching to Ativan.  I know that it is a fast acting benzo like Xanax.  Can anyone give me there experiences if they have taken both?  Pros and cons of each?
PS – I have taken Klonopin and did not particularily like it.

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PBF answered 3 years ago

Re: Ativan vs. Xanax
I found Xanax stronger and much more efficient than Ativan.  If you have nasty anxiety, xanax rocks.  But its so damn addictive…  I personally prefer Klonopin.

lynnieg answered 3 years ago

Re: Ativan vs. Xanax
I have taken both.  I have a bottle of Xanax, but I use it only when I am feeling extremely aggravated.  I use my Ativan more–I got scared of the Xanax addiction factor, too.
The Ativan, to me, mellows me without making me sleepy.  Although, I will admit–when I was out of my head on the Lexapro, when that Xanax kicked in…….man, it was good.  But even with the Xanax, it felt like I had a total eclipse of the brain………..

jookeyman answered 3 years ago

Re: Ativan vs. Xanax
I have taken both Xanax and Ativan and I’m now on Klonopin.
Xanax was good at stopping full-blown panic attacks but the rebound anxiety was very bad. Same thing when you try to stop anxiety with alcohol. It works great temporarily and then when it wears off the anxiety is worse. I switched to Ativan when the panic attacks started to subside and found it more useful for generalized anxiety (it lasts longer).
I like Klonopin at bed. You don’t ‘feel’ too sedated but that doesn’t mean it isn’t working as well. Measure the drugs effectiveness by the results, not by the amount of sedation.
Back in the day a couple of Valium and a few slugs of bourbon did the trick but I won’t go any further with that.

FLNEEDS answered 3 years ago

Re: Ativan vs. Xanax
I have been on Adderall for a year for Adult ADHD and I really don’t think its the solution…but I cant sem to find any physicians that believe in a benzo that would help. I cant figure it out how I can be prescribed adderall and hydrocodones yet they have “a thing” about Ativan…is Ativan really good for generalized anxiety?

blueyez answered 3 years ago

Re: Ativan vs. Xanax
i stay as far away from zanax as possible. I became addicted and it was an ugly habit and the withdrawals where very painful. While i was on it I also found that it had a short life and when the attacks would come back they would come back even more intense. Ativan would be the way to go for me if i needed more imediete relief, but I am a Kolonipin girl. Sorry for the bad spelling.