rainysocks asked 3 years ago

I’m bp1 and sza and it doesn’t seem like I’m getting the right meds.  Right now, I’m on 450 lithium, 50 Anafranil (for OCD), and 3mg risperdal… titrating to 6mg.  Oh, and 2mg klonopin.  My problem is the hallucinations are really plaguing me right now… the shadow men and the voices are constant.  Risperdal is unbearably expensive… is there another stronger option that might even cost less??  Thanks in advance!

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Kassiane answered 3 years ago

Re: bp1 and sza
that combination of conditions is technically schizoaffective…anyway…
The typical APs are as strong/stronger than the atypicals. And cheaper than dirt. But there’s more in the way of movement side effects.

Revolution Schizo answered 3 years ago

Re: bp1 and sza
I would recommend some buddhism for those voices your having.  Trying to tell them to stop gives them legitamatcy.  In other words, you have to act as if they didn’t exist.  You can do this my giving yourself some time.  No music, no tv.  Just sit in chair that you know you won’t sleep in and look at a thing and continue to look at it and observe it.  You want to notice any changes in that thing but not act on them.  If people, animals, or things move, let them move where ever.  If you feel anxious, get up and move around.  When you feel tired, sit back down.  If the phone rings, tell them to call back.  If it’s important, they’ll call back.  
As for the hallunications, I have almost never had any.  I have once seen a train type thing when I was about to go to sleep.  I was like… eh… whatever.  
Let me how that goes.

ragemaxis answered 3 years ago

Re: bp1 and sza
I have a few tools I use to deal with my schizo-aff symptoms.   I also am into buddhism, but thats a lesser part.   Whenever I get into my worried other people are reading my mind mode I start picturing yellow risperdol tablets and making threats because I know its my second train of thought (one of my voices) which is instigating this rationale.  My second tool is that when I start getting heckling nasty voices and they are commenting and jeering me on my thoughts I start picturing a box made out of dashed lines and I watch one by one as the dashes glow green and go around the box.   After doing this for a while they tend to get angrier and angrier about the fact that I am ignoring them,  but usually by the time I get infuriated by this something has happened around me to distract me and I get focused on something else and am OK again.   The third is for when I am falling asleep I make the statement I am going to sleep and you are going away.   and then I roll over and focus on the box.   Generally at this point the voices will get really really nasty and busy but usually my seroquel takes over and knocks me out before I have to endure too much whining and bitching.   But if I give up mental discipline at all and give in and react to the voices I get a huge wave of adrenaline and then it all just gets totally worse.   Luckily the only voices issue I deal with regularily is the psychic mind reading problem which I have to deal with pretty much any time i’m in public.  I’m getting pretty sick of that one.

rainysocks answered 3 years ago

Re: bp1 and sza
Thank you all for teh advice… I’m going to try something like the glowing box.  Maybe that would give me some peace.