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holliecc asked 3 years ago

i have been taking cymbalta for months now (approx 4)… WHEN & WHERE??, thats what the teachers always said….this stuff is tough on the stomach first of all. feel like im in labor for at least about 30 min every am..???..still having the same panic attacks…?? depression still hitting hard …??  what gives!!!!!!!!!
thanx hollie

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adieuolivaw answered 3 years ago

Re: cymbalta bailed
I’ve never taken Cymbalta.  However, I can certainly identify with the stomach problems meds cause.
One trick is to eat alkaline foods with meds, and avoid acidic foods.  Meds tend to create a hyperacidic state.

ALKALINE FOODS:  Any yellow veggie, figs, citrus fruit, spinach-kale-collards-etc., most vegetables and veggie juices, most fruits, almonds, tempeh (fermented soy), antacids, calcium & magnesium supplements, millet-amaranth-quinoa (you can find breads made with these grains).

ARGUABLY LOW ALKALINE:  Tofu, soy milk.  (They work for me.)

ACIDIC FOODS:  Alcohol, tobacco (chew, anyone?), soft drinks, sweets, fats and oils, dairy products, eggs, grains including corn, meat-fish-fowl, many beans, potatoes, pasta, rice, lentils, most nuts, blueberries-cranberries-prunes, vinegar, wheat germ, mustard, soy sauce, yeast, processed foods, vitamin-B supplements, digestive enzymes, any HCl supplement, “helpful bacteria” supplements.

(The ideal body state is 75% alkaline and 25% acidic.  Unfortunately, because most meds have acidic effect, we need to go heavy on the alkaline foods.  It’s a matter of restoring the BALANCE as well as stopping the stomach pain.)

I stock my frig with these:  Soy milk, steamed or baked yams, citrus fruit, celery, cooked millet-quinoa, almonds, millet-amaranth-quinoa bread from the health food store, celery, fresh greens to chop and sprinkle over any main dish and steam for only 2 mins.  Except for the greens, these are fast foods which can be consumed on the run or thrown in a plastic container and taken to work or wherever.

You don’t need to EXCLUSIVELY eat these foods.  Just eat enough to make sure your meal is predominantly alkaline.  Keep in mind you can always eat strictly alkalines if you’re really hurting.

I hope this is of some value to you.