Health QuestionsCategory: MedicationsDoes anybody else use temazepam?4
Maxim Johnovich asked 2 years ago

Maybe it is not something that is prescribed to often in the states.
It is usually used as a sleeping pill over here.
I use it for an eye problem (muscular) that is a by-product of tourettes.
I prefer it to diazepam and lorazepam because it is more sedating.
Whilst I have a very high tolerance to the typical APs (if using them to calm me down, or even just for sleep) and prescription drugs in general, a moderate to high dose of temazepam sees me through my troubles.
So that I do not become hooked on it, I alternate between temazepam and zopiclone.
Any experiences with this drug?
Just curious.

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CoCoPuff answered 2 years ago

I used it for a while but then switched to Halcion/triazolam. It sometimes knocked me out too much and other times didn’t help me sleep at all; most of the time, it made me really forgetful the next day. Halcion seemed to be more consistent for me plus it’s pill-splitter friendly. Thankfully I haven’t had to take anything for sleep since starting on Cymbalta : )

PuffoCoC answered 2 years ago

I just switched to temazepam, brand name Restoril, for sleep.  I had been on Ambien for years.  Restoril is cheaper since it is generic plus, correct me if I’m wrong, but Restoril also has a bit of antianxiety and muscle relaxant properties in addition to being a hypnotic.  
I’ve been using it about a month and I am very happy with it.  Because of it’s intermediate half-life, you get some of that antianxiety leftover during the day, but not enough to cause a hangover.
This drug is my new sleep med of choice, but it takes about an hour to kick in.

CoCoPuff answered 2 years ago

i had a script for it, but it didn’t always work.  for some reason, any benzo other than the short-acting ones either just relaxes me or, in the case of restoril, doesn’t do crap.  although there were a few times that it helped me sleep…

PuffoCoC answered 2 years ago

wow i wish i lived in the US my doc wont let me take more than 15mg!
the only way it works for me is if my stomach is so empty it’s eating itself.
easy to abuse though I remember the last time i had a boyfrind he was incredibly abusive about the schizophrenia (wont bore you with the details) and I eventually got to the stage where I would nod and pretend to agree while slipping a temazepam into my mouth.
doesn’t help me sleep but great for taking the edge off night time anxiety.