CocoPuff asked 3 years ago

This is me in the first week of Cymbalta:
Head-low grade ache, not too awful but that might just be life in general
Mental state- so-so, slightly euphoric this morning
stomache- flashback to morning sickness but I’m good with that because it might help reduce post-paxil-poundage.
so far so good and i know some are thinking, it’s too early for any effects but I’m typically ultra-mega sensitive to medicines; I had to stop remeron after only a handful of days. Realistically, too early to tell but thus far better than most (so far). Is this all familiar? Am I just in some larval stage and there are shocking surprises ahead? Feedback, reflections and/or simple thoughts are all welcome.

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Morks answered 3 years ago

Re: Early changes?
every person reacts differently to medications, so theres no rule of thumb to follow.
but for my personal experience, cymbalta is pretty soft with side effects.
the morning “drive” is whats the med is all about, and usually the side efects dont go further than the usuall snri’s ones, like dry mouth, stomach ache, foggy view,constipation, and possibly messing up your libido (higher sex drive, or lower, not able to reach orgasm, or not able to get hard, or a combination of those lol)
and things like that.
read the cymbalta page on this site if you wanna be more specific Cheesy
as i said, your experience could be similar, or completely different from wht i wrote, but duloxetine (cymbalta) usually doesnt has the “larval” stage, where after a month all the nasty side effects strike on you.
what you experience the first week or two, is going to eventually settle down or disappear in time.
btw, what dose you currently taking? 30mg or 60mg daily?

CocoPuff answered 3 years ago

Re: Early changes?
I am at 20mg twice daily. Feeling ok, I hope the nausea effect lasts long enough to lose a little weight! I read the duloxetine page plus a few others; the only thing to dread seems to be withdrawl.  Oh well, another day, another pill. Of all the pills Ive taken or had to take, I like cymbalta’s color best (what a cool green color!)

Morks answered 3 years ago

Re: Early changes?
haha, choose the pill color, blue or red and enter the matrix XD
im taking 60mg daily, been a couple of weeks, and not doing shit to my depression, but i lost my appetite completely, (yes,for me is a problem….) having a hard time  to pee, and mostly im unable to have an erection..
but thats the usual with snri’s antidepressant.
yes the withdrawl effects are bad but depends on how sensible you are to those.
its taking me 60 days to stop taking paroxetine, (a prozac style serotonin inibitor) and is way “weaker” compared to cymbalta (wich is multiple inibitor)
so for sure i know im going to like slowly scale the dosage of cymbalta like 3 months ahead before stopping it…
or i get shivers, cramps, vertigo,nausea,sweating,tremors,and usually just curling up in fetal position hoping to die soon to free me from the pain.
but thats ME. and thats with paroxetine.
 im still taking cymbalta, and still not even thinking of missing a dose ;P so i dont know what withdrawls symptoms im going to experience.
now dont get scared, i might be a case on my own, with those things you never know Smiley

leighwest answered 3 years ago

Re: Early changes?
My pdoc said they call Cymbalta the “california drug” because it makes you lose weight pretty continually! So that is good news for us Coco if true. Myself, have only been on for one week and have been up & down as far as appetite. One minute I cannot put anything in my mouth without gagging. and next I’m craving donuts! But have been resisting cravings so far because they only last a short time. I am never hungry, put it that way, a big change from taking Lexapro!
Also have no sexual appetiteSad

CocoPuff answered 3 years ago

Re: Early changes?
Ok, it’s been week two of Cymbalta and one week free of Freakouts and/or Dumpster Days.; Aspie characteristics seem a little reduced too. Perhaps the combination of meds is slowing down hamster in my brain that runs and runs on his wheel night and day. Benefits: lost 10 pounds, no headaches, sleep patterns seem better…no Halcion needed since starting Cym! Downside: nausea, higher co-pay, sleepiness that borders on rudeness, and, shall we say…reduced involuntary reactions of the romantic kind.  Going to wait a few mmore weeks to figure this out, so far better than any of the others.