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bono asked 3 years ago

Hello –
I’m a Newby at registering here, but I’ve loved this website and used it for the wonderful info’ and insights for about 3 yrs.
I have major depr., PTSD, anxiety disorder.
Am presently in a university based DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) group plus weekly individual therapy.   I have issues with emotional dysregulation (translate: I tend to be a nervous wreck….), so they now say.  
I had really awful 24-7 child abuse and feel wrecked from that.
With the psychiatrist, I eliminated prozac and wellbutrin and a benzodiazepam (sp? —- valium, ativan…)   2005 was a real tough year for me – lots of deaths and loss, lots of personal issues and hardship.    In 2005 I had heart issues flare up.
I was and am clean of the prozac, wellbutrin and benzodiazepam.
Doctor added the new EMSAM patch and said it’s supposed to help all 3:  serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine.  Doctor said it helps with ADHD symptoms.
I am hypersensitive to seroquel but it sure does have me calm.   Sleeping too much, but calm.
I am looking forward to this EMSAM kicking-into my system!!!
Prozac worked wonderfully for me —– the world all colorful, I wake with the birds and love to exercise.
Wellbutrin – heightens my intellectual acuity.  Easy to make decisions, to create order from my usual chaos.
The seroquel — I began this last year due to my extreme emotional upset.  I feel a deep calm.  Bad parts:  I sleep way too much – 12 hours plus.
I am excited to see how this EMSAM works!!
PS-   Doctor said:    
Apply EMSAM patch, 24 hrs. later remove, shower, apply new patch.
I said to him:  
Ah, your way assumes that I shower every day.  Smiley