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newguy asked 3 years ago

Not sure if it is the paxil(10mg in the morn) or the Seroquel at night (100mg) but I getting a pain in my left side of my head and A pain in my left eye as well.  Like the white part of my eye.  It isn’t a strong pain but a pain that is annoying, Very very annoying.  I notice my pupils are dilated alot more as well.

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catnip answered 3 years ago

Re: Eye pain or something
I have taken both Paxil & Pexeva (same active ingredient as Paxil), and both caused pupil dilation as well as a feeling of pressure behind my eyes.  I was only on the Paxil for a brief time years ago, but with the Pexeva I actually had to stop taking it because the pressure and pupil dilation led to migraines.