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StacyC asked 3 years ago

Good combination?
I was on zoloft, which triggered hypomania after a month, so I was put on Geodon for the mood stabilizing effects, while tapering off Zoloft.  I am now tapered off of zoloft, and on 100mg of Geodon at night.
I am in mexico for another month so I have no access to a doctor.
I cannot take geodon twice a day because I fall asleep during class, so I can see my depressive/mixed/hypomania symptoms at night.  My PDoc said that I may be able to go on Wellbutrin when I get back to the States, but does it interact with Geodon?  What about seizure risk and other nasty side effects? (I got everthing in the book for zoloft.)

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Kassiane answered 3 years ago

Re: Geodon and Wellbutrin
Geodon + Antidepressant + Bipolar = mania, 70% of the time or so.
And Geodon is one of the worst for seizures, so if anyone in your family has ever had anything even remotely resembling one, Wellbutrin is likely asking for trouble.
Don’t meds suck?