Gianna asked 3 years ago

I’ve tried many varieties of “talk” therapy. I found all of them useless. Perhaps in part because the therapists were useless…I’m not sure.
It crossed my mind that perhaps I was the problem instead of the therapy or therapists, but I no longer believe that to be true.
I’ve been in Hakomi therapy with a gifted therapist for about 10 months. It is sorta a talk therapy, but it is also experiential. Don’t ask me to explain…I don’t know how.
The thing is—it’s very powerful. It looks at my whole life and all my issues and the therapist deeply validates my experience. My sense of self-empowerment has totally increased.  
And with this sense of empowerment comes new coping skills. And with these new coping skills comes a decreased need for meds.
Granted I’ve been on far too many meds because my last psychiatrist treated every symptom with an additional med or increase in meds.  
This therapy is giving me coping skills that allow me to believe that things other than meds can help. Doesn’t mean meds don’t have a place…I’m still on a ton of drugs, though I hope to continue decreasing them. The decreases have not caused any ill effect…leading me to believe I didn’t need to be on all of them and at such high doses.
Anyway…learning coping mechanisms really do help minimize how many crazy meds you have to be on in my opinion.

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gretl answered 3 years ago

Re: Hakomi Therapy
Thanks for sharing that – it looks interesting.  (Hakomi Institute).  I’ve heard good things about Feldenkrais.  Would what you’re doing be classified as “body work”?  It sounds like you’d have to really trust your therapist.  Then again, I guess that’s true of any method that’s going to work on a deep level.  I don’t know if I could open myself up like that to ANYONE.

Gianna answered 3 years ago

Re: Hakomi Therapy
Yes you do have to really trust your therapist, and there is an element of body work in Hakomi.
I do think it is incredibly difficult to really trust a therapist and I have never been able to. I don’t think any therapist I’ve had in the past deserved that kind of trust.
This therapist is unusual. I really believe she is special. Now I know a lot of people think their therapist is special, but like I said I’ve been through literally dozens of therapists. She is different.
That being said, I still don’t totally let go. And she accepts that. Over time I hope to increase my trust…given that she continues to deserve that trust. It’s a slow process and I’m not in a hurry.
In the meantime I feel like I’ve gained a whole lot. I feel lucky, as I don’t have a lot of faith in therapy in general, although I never gave up….kept trying new therapists and therapies until I found this one.
I don’t know if she is typical of Hakomi therapists or not. I do think that any therapy is only as good as the therapist, and that is why in general I’m skeptical of therapy. I just don’t think the average therapist is terribly gifted. (part of the problem in my case is that I was virtually always smarter than the therapist…that just doesn’t work. Maybe an average individual with an average therapist works just fine…I don’t know)
I was a social worker in my past life and did counseling. I do feel that I helped people. People responded well to me. I don’t think I’m terribly special as clinicians go. I just think most of my clients weren’t as demanding as I was.
Anyway…that was a bit of rambling…thanks for including the link to the Hakomi website!