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rainysocks asked 3 years ago

For those of you who’ve taken both, how does Haldol compare to Zyprexa in terms of effectiveness??

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Kassiane answered 3 years ago

Re: Haldol vs Zyprexa?
The Zyprexa pages have a couple studies that show the differences…
Haldol is a lot less complex, in that it has 1 mechanism of action instead of 7 or so. The side effect profiles are WAY different, at least the important things (increased risk of EPS vs increased risk of diabetes) and of course the cost is WAY lower for Haldol.  
Supposedly Haldol is the standard most like Risperdal, but the standards always feel stronger to me (I’ve been on 2, and on almost all the atypicals. I have tardive dyskinesia. This displeases me but is something I can live with at this point).  
Figures you’d be comparing 2 I’ve never touched *wry grin*

rainysocks answered 3 years ago

Re: Haldol vs Zyprexa?
I’m having a hard time finding a s/e profile for Haldol… I really would like to compare the two and see which I’m more willing to live with, though this zyprexa doesn’t seem to be working yet so who knows.  I think I’m more personally at risk for the diabetes s/e of zyprexa than anything else- I’m 80lbs overweight due to other meds I had  been taking.  I’m already considered “obese” and don’t want to do anything to exacerbate the situation.  I can live with being stiffened up and drooling if those are the main s/e of Haldol, but would like to know what else to expect.

dcentity2000 answered 3 years ago

Re: Haldol vs Zyprexa?

Developed in 1957, haloperidol became a preferred drug in medical circles and is still used today, albeit as a backup medication.

Haloperidol is especially effective against positive psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations and delusions; modern antipsychotics remain loess effective than this drug in this field. It is fairly sedative and tranquilising, making it a good drug to be administered to agitated or manic patients.

Although it is an old and largely superseded medication, it is still regarded with respect and is often used as an emergency drug, to be used in minor crises. As a treatment, it has been demoted from the front line, mostly due to a high incidence rate of side effects; for instance, this drug is, alongside fluphenazine, the most likely therapeutic drug to cause neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS).


The second atypical antipsychotic to be released, olanzapine is often referred to as the chemical kosche due to its sedative and tranquillising properties; it is structurally similar to the drug clozapine, of the same class.

Generally speaking, olanzapine is a highly regarded drug – it’s generally well tolerated, is largely effective and has relatively few serious problems associated with it; as such, it is one of the most widely prescribed drugs of its class. The drug also possesses antidepressant qualities and is often mixed with the SSRI antidepressant fluoxetine to produce a substance marketed as Symbyax®.

Unfortunately, olanzapine will probably cause weight gain and (as was previously mentioned) will almost certainly cause drowsiness as well.

Personal experience: Although it had a reputation for sedation and weight gain, I personally experienced the two in limited amounts. My dosage went up to 7.5mg at night, but this failed to generate any notable positives and as such it was time to change.


martasi answered 3 years ago

Re: Haldol vs Zyprexa?
I’ve taken Haldol before and it’s very effective, particularly for agitation, crying episodes, extreme anxiety, etc. It’s also CHEAP compared to most other drugs, especially newer AP meds.  
It can be sedating, though. Whenever I took it I knew I would spend the next day on the couch. The trick is to take the least amount needed to treat the symptoms. It’s also possible to take it every other day or by injection. The only s/e I had were sedation, sinus congestion and some dry mouth, but I wasn’t taking a very large dose.

rainysocks answered 3 years ago

Re: Haldol vs Zyprexa?
has anyone taken it on higher doses?  I’m on 30mg/day but have also just come down with a nasty bug of some sort, so i can’t tell if the achiness I feel is from the Parkinsonian s/e or just becauese of the bug.   Has anyone had flu-like symptoms when starting Haldol?