Health QuestionsCategory: MedicationsHow Bad Will This Job Hurt Me?
Bliss asked 3 years ago

Ugh….I think I almost *like* this job too….
But the place is open 24 hours a day! And I have a feeling there is NO way I can work the same shift all the time.  
So…My sleep is screwed. SCREWED. I’ve felt like ass for days. No sleep….trying to work and being sleepy…going home and staying awake so I can sleep late to work third shift…
I’ve got a killer headache. And I feel DEPRESSED.AS.F*CK when I don’t get sleep. I had to keep myself from crying all day yesterday at work….
*sigh* I didn’t think about it before I started the job. But then again….I didn’t think it would be this much of an issue, either.
So….is there hope? Have any of you MI kids been able to cope? Or do I need to start looking for a new job soon….
~Bliss….who’s going back to bed to get the last little bit of rest she can get…

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ragemaxis answered 3 years ago

Re: How Bad Will This Job Hurt Me?
I worked at mcdonalds right after I finally got stabilized.
The hours killed me.
I absolutely can’t work shifts that close together anymore.
Actually, thats a lie … I can … I just can’t sleep between them.
Thanks to topamax I can now … it makes me perpetually hypomanic so I can just sorta fly along and be A-OK … but not if I am going to keep doing it day in and day out.
You have to remmeber you aren’t a normal person anymore,  you have special needs.   The medication drains you,  so does having a special brain.

copperboom answered 3 years ago

Re: How Bad Will This Job Hurt Me?
Bliss honey,
Your mental health is SO important!  If sleep is vital to your health, then either ask them for regular hours and if they refuse quit, or just quit after you’ve found another job with regular hours.
You know you can ask.  You can always ask.  See if they’ll accomodate you, it’s worth it.  But don’t put yourself in a bad situation, you just got off effexor!!  Keep on moving forward in a great way.  
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