Whysterialayne asked 2 years ago

just how many spellings there are for this drug I’ve noticed on CM.
Clonapin, Klanopin, klonipin, I’m waiting for someone to type Klingon next

4 Answers
roosre answered 2 years ago

nobody could mistake a klingon for a clownopen

Whysterialayne answered 2 years ago

i knew it was a matter of time before somebody come on down and type it, y’all

Whysterialayne answered 2 years ago

and please no more mention of clowns. There may be people here who are terrified of them who may requre extra meds as a result of said encounter with the beasts  (thanks to Stephen King on that one)  Smiley

copperboom answered 2 years ago

YOU are tooooo funny.  I type that I’m on klonipin but I’m really on the generic but I’m not sure how to spell it, clonezapam???
Stephen King, huh?  Scared yet?!!!!!!