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Cool_Beans asked 3 years ago

I am now a twofer…started the Topamax last night…didn’t take any lyrica (was down to 1-150mg)…didn’t sleep worth beans…got up this morning siiiiiiiick as a dog….going back and forth between ok and crying….called a friend balling my eyes out…(haven’t done that since I started taking tamoxifen)…she called back freaking out….said I sounded like I was having a panic attack…mood swings were awful…call pdoc….no help there…need a new one…called neurologist…waiting on a call back….just broke down and took a Lyrica….all better now Smiley ….guess I will have to do both for a while…  
Anywho, Karla, I hope you are okay with your weening…it is a rough row to hoe…let me know how you are doing….if you felt half as bad as I did this morning, I am truly worried about you!!!
Firedancer, what did the doctor say?  Did you get to change meds…? Hope it came out all right!

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firedancer answered 3 years ago

Re: Karla523 ru ok? Firedancer, what did doc say?
i’m so sorry that you are going through this.  i hope that someone calls you back and soon.  please keep us posted, ok?
my neuro appt went ok.  i am going to stop the lyrica (yeah!!) he thinks that i am on 300mg but i’m only take 150mg.  so down 50mg each week. i’m crossing my fingers that all goes well.  he is still pushing botox for my migraines.  also mentioned referring me to headache clinic at UNC – Chapel Hill.  i would prefer to try the botox first.  it is $900 up front and then i would have to claim it my insurance company.  but both my neuro and pdoc said that they are sure that i would be reimbursed because of all the meds that i have tried and failed.
my pdoc appt was ok too.  he is keeping me on the same meds, depakote and lamictal.  if i start to drop down and feel low and depressed, we will probably up my lamictal some.  my blood work came back good except for my cholesterol was a bit high.  not sure why.  but i’m going to work on that.  my next appt is in a month.  but if anything comes up between now and then i can call him.
i explained my situation with no longer being employed and trying to get my COBRA insurance installed.  technically until they process everything, i don’t have insurance as of 2/28.  when they get it all straight, my COBRA will be good as of 3/1.  so both docs gave me tons of meds – a plastic grocery bag full of depakote, lamictal and seroquel.  probably about 2 months worth (i haven’t gone through and counted it yet!)  i have great docs!!

Cool_Beans answered 3 years ago

Re: Karla523 ru ok? Firedancer, what did doc say?
Am so glad your doctor’s are good!  My pdoc isn’t all that great (and he really doesn’t like me all that much because I question why things are done this way or that way–I fustrate him because I ask alot of questions), but don’t have much choice with him until I get to my neuro and can get a referral…neuro FINALLY called back yesterday afternoon and said that she didn’t want me to totally quit my other meds for another month…if even then…okey dokey doc…Am probably going to have to go back up to at least 300mg a day of Lyrica because of the side affects, either from the Topa, coming off the Lyrica or both….I am on my way back to bed for a bit to get some sleep…slept better last night, but still had problems…upping the Lyrica should help…hopefully I won’t start swelling again…Hope you get relief from your migraines…I know how debilitating they can be…keep me posted!