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Bliss asked 3 years ago

Okay, I realize this has been mentioned in discussions elsewhere…
How many of you started taking Neurontin *just* for anxiety?
I realize on the crazymed page, it’s said this drug would only work for a short time….
But, I’ve heard from other people that it’s worked for *quite* some time.
Not to mention…..what about the therapeutic dose?  
Through my own fancy research, I’ve read a lot of people talk about how they quit taking it…although they thought it didn’t work because they weren’t at a high enough dose.
However, none of the research came from the trusted-tried-and-true crazymeds…
So…here’s my deal. I want to stay on my Wellbutrin. Quit everything else. Take up Neurontin in it’s place.  
Any thoughts?
((Edit: One more thought. If anyone has any idea how to explain to a doc that this *is* used offlabel for anxiety…that would rock. I’ve heard to many stories of patients trying to get it and being turned down, due to lack of information…))

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seaweed answered 3 years ago

Re: Neurontin For Anxiety…
i started taking it JUST for anxiety in spring ’03.  i’m still on it, and it still works.  i started out at 100mg, ended up going to 700mg.  then, like an idiot, i started drinking a lot…it caused double vision, which is a possible neurontin side-effect.  so i dropped down to 400mg.  i was on 400mg for quite awhile. (up until last year, i think).  was at 600mg, for awhile. but, now that i’ve been messing around with the bipolar meds, we increased it to 800mg (but that wasn’t for anxiety, it was to get rid of a daily afternoon drop in mood).  and just this week i went up to 1000mg.  
as far as convincing your pdoc to let you try it, i wouldn’t know how to go about that.  lucky for me, it’s one of my pdoc’s favorite meds.  my ex-GP had put me on paxil for anxiety.  once my pdoc heard about the TERRIBLE experience i’d had on it, she thought neurontin would work a lot better for me.  and it has.  
if your pdoc doesn’t know that it is used off-label for anxiety, maybe you need a new pdoc… undecided

Bliss answered 3 years ago

Re: Neurontin For Anxiety…
Was it working for your anxiety at lower doses, seaweed?
My dirt-broke-arse is probably going to have to order it from Canada, or some other mail-off-needy-med type deal. I guess I’m worried about getting a three month script for 100mg and it not doing diddly.Smiley
But, then again….Maybe after I find myself a new pdoc…I’ll realize doctors actually have a way of dealing with situations like that..*prays this is so*

seaweed answered 3 years ago

Re: Neurontin For Anxiety…
yes.  the 400mg worked quite well.  i was able to study for the CA bar exam, and take the exam on that dose.  the exam is 3 days & extremely stressful.  spending 2 months studying for it was pretty stressful as well.  but i was fine.  the only reason i’ve had to increase the dose is because of this crazy bipolar nonsense that is going on with me.  
i’ve used both the 100mg & 400mg pills.  there are also several generics.  one generic brand didn’t work for me AT ALL.  it TOTALLY sucked, it was like i wasn’t taking anything.  major anxiety.  but, there is another generic brand by greenstone ltd. that works–at least for me.  (originally, i was taking the name brand, but then my insurance made me switch.)

copperboom answered 3 years ago

Re: Neurontin For Anxiety…
Hey Girls!
I’m still on nuerontin even though I did want to wean off of it.  I take it in the evening hours when I want to feel so relaxxxxed.  I like the effect.  I take 600 and one klonipin, my only vise.
Hey Seaweed are you studying to be a Lawyer???
Bliss, you did great getting off effexor, congats!!! I know you feel that brain swish thing but still, you did great.
I like nuerontin and may be keeping it.  See ya Girly’s, Copperboom

seaweed answered 3 years ago

Re: Neurontin For Anxiety…
Quote from copperboom on 11. Sep 2006 at 16:46:

Hey Seaweed are you studying to be a Lawyer???

i’m technically a lawyer.  although, i like to call myself a non-lawyer lawyer ’cause i’m not currently practicing.