coloradogirl asked 2 years ago

Does any one here take Niravam? My doc just prescribed it for me for the anxiety/panic attacks I have in addition to BP and I’m wondering if it is any different than regular xanax.  I haven’t tried it yet, obviously.  Any personal experiences with this drug are welcome, as I haven’t read anything anywhere about it other than in the company lit.

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chiastic answered 2 years ago

Yeah I have a prescription for this stuff. Pdoc wanted to prescribe it over generic alprozolam for some reason (business interests perhaps)? It’s probably a bit more quality-controlled than generic alpro, so it ain’t bad by any standards. As you probably know it’s an “orally disolving” form of brand-name alprazolam which means the filler disolves quickly and you can let it melt sublingually in your mouth. It’s also got a kinda not-appetizing, not-unpleasent candyish taste, which is kind of pointless because generic alprazolam doesn’t taste bad in the first place. The nice thing about all this is, some of the drug gets absorbed through your mucous membranes before hitting your stomach, which gives a faster onset and probably gets more into your system. Of course the manufacturer, Schwarz pharma, mentions none of this on-label, probably for FDA reasons. Any competent pdoc will tell you otherwise. Crazy pharm companies. But yeah, you can let it disolve in your mouth to get a more direct/faster result, or you could just swallow it and it woud be essentially equivalent to chewe-d-up brand-name Xanax.
Best part is, check out – the manufacturer has a printable $20 coupon off your copay until the end of 2006. Discounted or even possibly free xanax – can’t beat that!
Like you I’m on lamictal (hovering around 150 at the moment)m and OCCAISIONALLY take a 25mg seroquel at night, mostly for sleeping off bad moods. Haven’t run into any problems with this combo, except for the fact that for me, a bit of  niravam+seroquel knocks me out cold (can come in handy).