sorrel asked 3 years ago

Hey… I am currently taking Lamictal as monotherapy for BP, but my pdoc thinks it is not adequate to control manic breakthroughs.  One option he was considering was adding lithium.  But the other option was that instead of adding another everyday med, I could take Zyprexa for several days or a week or so whenever I started having manic symptoms.  Then I would stop the Zyprexa.  Anyone done this kind of on-and-off deal with Zyprexa?

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PBF answered 3 years ago

Re: on and off
I am not sure if you can go on and off zyprexa.  You’ll have to ask your doc.  What I do know is that zyprexa is a good med to calm you down, help you relax and sleep.  I like my zyprexa.