ragemaxis asked 3 years ago

Okay.  So… this isn’t a benzo but I am going to cross post it in a few  places.
I just tried “phenibut” in my search for a more legal solution to my benzo problem.
I’m not allowed benzos because i’m a recovering addict.   I  get WAYYYY better sleep if  I take a xanax or ambien or klon or imovane.   I used to take GHB/GBL/1,4 on rare occasions and use alcohol + food to potential my seroquel (not a good solution. obviously.)
I get ambien online, I occasionaly can get xanax illicitly and I steal imovane from time to time from a source that I really dont want to use anymore.   However,  I cant’ take benzos because of drug tests any more after last week.    I dont want to use them anymore as my use has gone from once a month to once a week.
I tried Phenibut and used too much and now I feel like garbage but I did sleep.   I think (after the hangover goes away BARF.)  if I used a much more moderate dose I might  have better results .
Anyone used this?   (google for it.)

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ragemaxis answered 3 years ago

Re: phenibut
so.  I tried doing a more moderate dose of phenny.
It made my left hand TDK again really badly.   Weird.  Feels identical to being on ketamine (handwise) … twitchy and “gappy”
 No other discernable effects.
Had a major family meltdown,  my mom went mixed-state today and was freakin and I went agitated and the phen didn’t help at all.   even though it was a large dose.
now i’m feeling a little bit more relaxed, nothing major though.
I did 3.9g at 2:00, its now 8:20pm.
I think its soon time to give up on this particular substance.   I think its just not right for me, but we’ll see.   I’ve never ben a good “gaba” person.   I’m getting a ton of Xanax next week so after i’m done rehab i’ll have a backup supply.