mari asked 3 years ago

i am taking depakote for migraines. i take 250mgs in the morning 250mgs in the evening
this past week i have not been able to sleep at all i do not even get tired. i read it can make you sleepy and groggy but i am not getting any sleep unless i take something to put me to sleep.  
also my headaches have been getting worse i just have this intense punding in the front of my head. and yesterday got a terrible migraine couldnt leave the room had to stay in the dark or my eyes would burn holes in my face. it is terrible.
i have only been on for about 3 weeks. i wasnt expecting immediate results. but i didnt expect things to get worse either…this is the only med i am on by the way. so any advice? is this normal?

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mania answered 3 years ago

Re: question…
I went all the way to 1000mg on Depakote and it didn’t do jack shit for my head.  At the time, I was dx’d for “crash migraine” (fucked up term for a “migraine” that shows up and never goes away – woo hoo – life was REALLY great that year and a half).
On the other hand, I DID get to sleep a lot and gain 30 pounds in about a month or two….
Topamax fixed my head for awhile.  Then again, now the docs aren’t thinking it’s a migraine.  Might want to look into it if the Depahell doesn’t start working.

mari answered 3 years ago

Re: question…
well i tried topomax and the tingley thing in my face and arm never went away
and with that i was totally zombified
not good when you have a baby running around
your migraine sounds like mine just gets worse and worse
then the aching just lingers around for a while until again it gets worse and worse
i think he just doesnt know what to put me on anymore everything he mentions i have pretty much tried
but we will see i guess it is getting so bad now because i havent slept  
but maybe i should just call him tomorrow

mania answered 3 years ago

Re: question…
At the time, I had Flemish docs, and believe it or not, what REALLY worked was Naproxen Sodium and an OOOLLLDDD (old) anti-emetic called domperidone.  It is a dopamine agonist that doesn’t cross the blood-brain-barrier except in cases of brain lesions (e.g. alzheimers).
I’d give you a study, but all the ones I found just said “Domperidone and Anaprox are a successful combination for migraine prophylaxis”.  Um, ok.
But only if you have a prodome, or warning.  As it says here:
To my knowledge, Domperidone isn’t approved by the FDA (wah), but is in Canada and Europe.