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Revolution Schizo answered 3 years ago

Re: sad & interesting article profiling family
Definately sad,
Two things, one is that this person suffering from the mental illness can’t let go of ideas easily.  I’m talking about the time he saw Fight Club which has a lot of interesting ideas.  Ideas are good to have if you can use them i.e. write about as stories, inventions and such.  Holding on to ideas that don’t have a use get interpreted and interpreted and interpreted untill either it becomes an idea that so brillant that regular people can’t understand or it’s so stupid that regular people can’t understand it.  These ideas don’t help anybody.  Even if you tried to write them down, the meaning will be lost in time unless of course your able to calm down and write it effectively.  So if you have ideas that are so great, write them down imediately and figure out how to tell these ideas in a form that people can understand.  Just because you speak the same language doesn’t mean you know how to speak to people.  Don’t be stuck on an idea forever.  Let it go.
The other thing is the mother.  Her heart is in the right place, but I’m going to be a little frank.  Don’t put him in a position to where he can think about the same idea forever and ever.  Let him do stuff like laundry.  It will help him to stop thinking and he’ll start assiocating his ideas with laundry or whatever he’s doing.  If you can’t stand the smell, tell him to start bathing or put him in a place where being smelly is acceptable.  The basement or where the homeless are.  If he tells you he wants to do something that requires a lot of money relative to your income, tell him he needs to pay part or all of the bill.  Don’t let people be dependent on you.  
In the end of that story, I actually thought it was sad, but a good thing for the ill person.  He needs a dose of reality and if homelessness doesn’t do it, nothing will.  Some people like to be homeless.  View it as a job, cause let me tell ya, begging is a skill.
Another thing about Schizoes and Schizies are that for the most part they don’t care about status in society.   We are not constricted by norms.  This is can be a bad thing or a good thing.  For the most part, people see it as a bad thing because some people expect a certain behavior out of people.  Let give to ya straight, if it harms people, it’s bad.  If it doesn’t harm people, it’s either good or it’s just a plain it.  No bad or good about it.
Peace ya’ll

StrungOutOnLife answered 3 years ago

Re: sad & interesting article profiling family
What the FUCK was his doctor thinking putting him on NOTHING but Prozac? This was a guy who already had an official diagnosis of bipolar disorder. They made no mention of other medications, so I’ll assume it was that.
This was a guy who first became symptomatic in 1996. They should have known better than that by then.
ETA: They said it was, “the first,” so it definitely wasn’t adjunctive therapy. And for those of you who haven’t read the article and think I’m just wa-a-a-ay overconcerned about mania to the exclusion of any and all concern about depression, here is what he did on Prozac monotherapy:

Anders got a prescription for Prozac — the first in a long list of medications — but his symptoms got worse. He lit fires and tried to hang himself, scribbled pages of nonsense, and took a sledgehammer to the car he had worked so hard to buy.

I get the impression he was on absolutely nothing after that.
ETA2: the pissy tone of the first ETA is more the result of the pissy tone of part of the European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience article where they slam the US and Canadian psychiatric establishments for being too cautious with the antidepressants, implying that the United States and Canada just don’t care what happens to depressed bipolar people.

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

Re: sad & interesting article profiling family
Quote from StrungOutOnLife on 08. Jun 2006 at 14:10:

What the FUCK was his doctor thinking putting him on NOTHING but Prozac?

Couldn’t have said that better myself!!!!