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Possum asked 3 years ago

Am on Lexapro 10mg and Topamax, 100 mg.
Got put on Strattera 40mg last week. Holy shit. It did OK first few days. Woke up early but that was OK. Decreased appetite, but I am overweight so that’s OK too.  
Now I am tired. So I sleep later. Because I sleep later, I don’t want to go to bed at a normal time. Sleep schedule is fux0red. It’s 2:45 AM as I type this.
I am also weepy and feeling edgy and bummed out and meh. Sort of like PMS only heavier, I don’t know. Not suicidal or anything (I know it’s a risk for kids/teens with Strattera but I’m 33). I do feel a bit more focused and less impulsive, but I’m so crummy feeling and tired that I can’t do many constructive things. I feel weird; I feel “off”.
I see my doctor in a month. I can call him of course in the meantime, but should I give this more time? I am scared it’s going to get worse.  
Next med to try would be Adderall.
(Tried Rit and Concerta before this. Hated them both.)

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Kassiane answered 3 years ago

Re: Strattera, Lexapro & Topamax, oh my!
Your doctor started you on too high a dose. That’s probably the problem. The weight algorithms only apply to children. And lazy docs who don’t like dealing with titration (or forgot that bit of pharmacology)  start people too high. 18-24mgs is the starting dose.

Possum answered 3 years ago

Re: Strattera, Lexapro & Topamax, oh my!
Thanks. It may be that the dose is too high. My previous MD didn’t titrate me either… i no longer see him ’cause, well, he died. Oops. My internist put me on the Topamax and I was titrated for that… 100mg seems to work fine. Noise and bright light will trigger a migraine for me.
I’ve been taking the Strattera in the mornings and I woke up too late (noon!) to take it today. What hurts me too is that I have summers off, and therefore no set schedule. If I HAD to get up at a certain time every day, then I could probably work around it. I’m a night person anyway so it’s a double whammy.
(Oh, and I read yr bio… I was an early reader too. I read the newspaper when I was 3 and freaked my whole family the hell out.)