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Doxie asked 2 years ago

Hi, got a quick question.
I have a terrible case of insomnia. Dr prescribed me Antivan .1  one at night to fall asleep. It didn’t do anything. So I have been adding .25 of Xanax as a desperate attempt to get some sleep. It works, but is it dangerous or anything?  
I go to the Dr in about 3 weeks and am going to ask about Lunesta or something like that. In the meantime………
Desperate for sleep,

3 Answers
Bliss answered 2 years ago

.25 mg. of xanax in my opion is equivalent to half a glass of warm milk. i would not be afraid to mix that with anything except alcohol.

Doxie answered 2 years ago

Thanks for the replies.  
I finally figured out what was causing the terrible insomnia. I quit taking the Wellbutrin at nighttime and the problem is gone.  
I was getting desperate.

GADabout answered 2 years ago

Glad you got it figured out! Ativa was like popping an M&M to me. Did nada.