Health QuestionsCategory: MedicationsWellbrutrin and Zoloft – need some opinions!!
jgag asked 3 years ago

Hi everyone!  I have been on Wellbrutrin (300 mg) and Zoloft (150mg) for 2 years now for panic/anxiety and mild depression.  The anxiety went away completely, but I gained a lot of weight, couldn’t hardly stay awake, blood pressure starting rising, low sex drive, etc.  So my doc had me go off of Zoloft recently (took about 4 weeks to completing stop).  I have been feeling like I am going crazy again!  Slight anxiety, but not as bad as before, but crying a lot, mood swings, body aches, just feel yucky!  
I see my doc in a few days and want to try something else with the Wellbrutrin but I don’t know what.  I have been on everything else (Paxil, Lexapro, Effexor, etc.) and did not like any of them!  I have been reading a lot about Cymbalta, not sure what to think of that, but I know I need something else, that of course, does not cause weight gain, and all the other things that Zoloft gave me.
Has anyone else experienced this problem with this combo and has tried a new combo?  I also take Klonopin in the am and pm (small dosages).
Thank you!