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ds9kicks asked 3 years ago

I was taking Zoloft several years ago and found it to be tremendously helpful at 150 mg for my OCD.   I recently started on it again because of obsessive thinking that is preventing me from accomplishing anything outside of work.  I took 50 mg for 2 weeks (after 25 mg for 4 days), then 100 mg for 3 days and 150 mg for 3 days now.  I have noticed some improvement in my thinking, especially at work, but now today a Saturday, I tried very hard all day to try to work on things but could not get past a certain thought that I’ve been struggling with.  I want to very strongly to get past it but everytime I convince myself to it just bites me again a few minutes later.  I also feel generally uncertain and fearful when I start working on something.
Does the Zoloft need more time to take effect? (It’s been 3 weeks.)  Do I need another neurotransmitter tweaked in addition or instead of serotonin?  My psychiatrist seems to think that serotonin is the only one that helps obsessive thinking, though we haven’t started trying other meds yet.

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Username answered 3 years ago

Re: Zoloft not working yet?
I had success with Zoloft several times.
You may want to note however that sometimes the same SSRI will not work as well the second time around.
Usually I would give it 6 weeks, and then try a higher dose.  It depends.  How long did it take to kick in last time?
If the Zoloft is not going to cut it, there are plenty of other SSRIs that ultimitely do the same thing.

Username answered 3 years ago

Re: Zoloft not working yet?
And when it comes to OCD, I have found that I need the max dose of any serotonin drug.

adieuolivaw answered 3 years ago

Re: Zoloft not working yet?
Try this.  It’s from the famous Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
Lots of ideas here about OCD.  One little study says add Seroquel to an SSRI.  
They mention CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) also, recommending a combination of the therapy and meds.
At another web site I read that you’ll have to wait FOUR MONTHS before a med will really kick in and take care of the OCD.  <Hey!  Don’t kill the messenger.>
Uh…just to let you know I have more than an intellectual interest in this discussion, I have OCD also.  And I can’t take a big dose of SSRIs (only a tiny one) …because it throws me right into hypomania.  So  Seroquel and CBT are of great interest to me.  

ds9kicks answered 3 years ago

Re: Zoloft not working yet?
Just an update…I stuck with the Zoloft for 2 months, the last of which being at the max dose of 200 mg, and my OCD was still horrible.  Tried Celexa for over a month at max dose, and it helped some but nowhere near enough, so I started on Luvox (fluvoxamine maleate).  It’s been almost a week, the better part of it at 200 mg/day, so far it’s helping quite a bit.
In my opinion, Zoloft sucks big time!  But that’s just for me. Smiley