The third interviewee had shifted from one religion to another. The Muslim nurse who had converted from being a Christian upon her marriage, has no doubts about coping up with her patients regardless of their faith. It is known that Christians have no difficulties in relating with other religions. The primary teaching of their religion has evolved from other religions, thus gaining their reverence and understanding. Christians have the open-mindedness to cope up with religions and cultural difficulties.

Although some societies stereotype Muslims as war-loving people, she clarifies that that is exactly the opposite of what their religion teaches. For the interviewee, it is not appropriate to judge every Muslim because of the more popular Muslims that engage in war. She further added that they should be understood first before judged. Their religion values war and sees it as an art. Also taking into consideration that she had once been a Christian, she knows how it feels to be transported into a different cultural regime.

This she will use as an aid in understanding the shortcomings of her would-be patients. For her part, she is willing to give extra allowances for patients who mistrust Muslims because of the cliches that society imposes on them. For all the interviewees asked, it is important to stand for what they believe yet also consider that others are also thinking the same. One should not press onto others his/her own thoughts because they know how to think themselves.

In addition, one of the interviewees stated that being open-minded should always be exercised when dealing with others. Another agreed and added that one should always be professional. And if professional meant that he had to deal with the religion of others, then so be it. For the patient interviewed, a patient that is able to let go of his/her own beliefs for their patients are the real nurses. The interviewee remembers that nurses should be able to cope up with the needs of their patients without their own beliefs hanging up and making their interaction more complicated.

For him, a nurse should think of the welfare of his patient above everything else and a nurse should not be thinking about the religion in the first place. A nurse should always be armed with enough understanding and reference to his/her work. Furthermore, a nurse’s prime role is to care for the sick and not to discriminate. From the interviews and researches conducted, there is enough room to say that religion is one thing that hinders others to perform their professions fully.

Seeing the cases of other religions it is safe to say that to be an effective nurse, one has to set aside some of his beliefs and focus on his calling to heal the sick and care for the ill. In the said calling, a professional nurse should be able to differentiate between the time to think about the majority of his religion and the time to perform his actions. Word Count: 988 Reference: Steefel, L. June 16 2008. Unmasking Racism in Nursing. Nursing Spectrum/Nurseweek. Case Studies. 2008. Transcultural Nursing. Cultural Diversity in Nursing.

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