Ah, the raw food diet, becoming a rawist, choosing the raw lifestyle- however you may put it, the raw food diet promises amazing anti aging benefits.  Of course, it is natural to want to look and feel ten years younger than you really are, but it is also natural for you to find this one of the hardest changes you will ever have (unless, of course, you were already a vegan to begin with).

Saying hello to the raw lifestyle means saying goodbye to a whole lot of food that you are probably used to. 

To think, even coffee is considered taboo.  But people who are willing to change, or at least give it a try, always end up asking this one question:

Do you have to go 100%?

The answer is actually no. N-O, NO.  Huge sigh of relief for many, I presume.  Unless, of course, you really want to.  But even so, the chances of that happening overnight is slim to none.

So here are the different types of diets that you can actually choose from, be it a stepping stone to get to 100% mark or actually the kind of diet you want and are comfortable with.

100% RAW

Not to state the obvious, but people who are 100% raw only eat raw, uncooked, natural and organic foods.  Usually, vegans and vegetarians are the most successful with this kind of transition.


High raw can range anywhere from 80%-99% of raw food.  That means that every now and then, the people who fall under this category may dip their food in a sauce that isn’t raw or may even, every once in a while (especially if they are left with no choice) may go for some cooked food, but vegan nonetheless.


Breakfast-RAW.  Lunch- RAW. Snacks in between- RAW.  But when it comes to dinner, it is a totally different story.  You can pretty much have whatever you want come dinner time.  But, what is nice about this is that you don’t have to say goodbye to any of your old time favorites but at the same time, you will notice that your choices will naturally become healthier.

And then, there is the transition period.  For many, it is very hard to give up numerous foods and even drinks once they have decided to go raw.  So the transition may take anywhere from a couple of days to even a year or so.  During this time, you can actually plan which meals to make raw and try to have as many fruits and veggies, uncooked, of course, as you can in a day.

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