Ever feel the need to unbuckle that belt of yours after a good meal? Well, you might be surprised to know that the sudden increase in the size of your stomach might not just be because you are simply full.

Bloating is usually brought on by irritable bowel syndrome, although there are a couple common everyday causes too that add to that unwanted bulge.

Chewing Gum

Sure it may freshen your breath but chewing gum for a long time may cause bloating. Think of your belly as a balloon, the more air inside, the bigger it gets. Well, the longer you chew gum, the more air you swallow.

Choose to chew sugar free? Well, ironically these versions of gum are the worst. You see, they contain sorbitol and xylitol. Now these two the are fermented by the bacteria in your gut which may also help bring on the bulge.

Eating Too Fast

??????Chewing gum may cause bloating, however not chewing your food long enough may lead to that too- refer back to the ‘balloon analogy’ mentioned above.

Did you know that when you eat you swallow more or less the same amount of air as you do food? So the faster swallow and the larger your bites, the more air you intake.

Re-Heating Food

aaaaAside from how you eat, what you eat also plays a factor. Re heating starchy food, such as rice, pasta, and potatoes, can also be a cause. You see, when these kinds of foods are reheated, the molecular structure changes from plain starch to ‘resistant starch’. Resistant starch cannot be digested your small intestine so it has to make it’s way through the large one where in the bacteria that breaks it down at the same time causes gas which then leads to bloating.

I’m not saying that you have to avoid these foods altogether, but try to eat them freshly cooked as much as possible.

Too Much Salt

Aside from starch, sodium is another one that you have to look out for. You see, having too much salt in your diet can cause water retention.aaaaa

Basically, your kidney are responsible for regulating just how much salt you have in your body by getting rid of what it needs to through your pee. Now when you take in too much salt and your kidneys just can’t keep up, where does the salt go? Your bloodstream, which then attracts and retains water, which then leads to bloating, among other problems that is such as weight gain and high blood pressure.


Antibiotics can also sometimes mean anti flat belly. When it comes to bacteria, there is the bad kind and the good kind. Good bacteria, aka the gut flora, helps with the digestive process and keeps the cells in your gut healthy. A lack of this good bacteria can lead to bloating.


So it seems that stress is always a culprit. To keep things simple, let’s just say that your brain and your gut are connected and too much pressure and stress can lead to digestive problems which may then lead to bloating.

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