hair loss for woman

It is very upsetting for a woman to find out that her hair is falling out.  A woman usually thinks of her hair as something that frames her face and makes her look beautiful. When hair loss becomes a problem, a woman will become embarrassed about the way she looks. If you are finding yourself in a hair loss position, feel reassured that you are not alone. It does not matter what race or age you are because hair loss does not discriminate. There are many reasons for hair loss in women.

Female Pattern Baldness

hair fall solutionsOne of the reasons for hair loss in women is female pattern baldness. Women like men may suffer from female pattern baldness. It is thought that this only happens to men but this is not the case. A woman has a certain amount of male hormones in her body that affects the amount of testosterone that reaches a woman’s hair. Although their baldness may not be as severe as a males and it may not show up till later in a woman’s life, it is still considered the same as the male form of baldness.

Trauma and Hair Loss

Women who have been through a traumatic situation may be susceptible to losing their hair. A woman may have lost a loved one or they may have been suffering from some form of abuse. Having no money, going through work related issues, or worrying about personal problems are also reasons for hair loss in women. The stress that is related to any traumatic situation can interfere with a women’s hair growth.

Alopecia Areata

Unusual reasons for hair loss in women include alopecia areata. A woman who has an immune system deficiency can cause alopecia areata. This type of hair loss shows up as patches of hair missing from a woman’s head. Some women are able to regrow their hair without any help after alopecia areata has taken over while other women need help from their physician to handle this problem. In these women, their alopecia areata may be more severe and treatment may be needed.

Frequent Hair Dye and Excessive Teasing

There are other reasons for hair loss in women. A woman who dyes and fixes her hair too much may be causing her own hair loss. Some women go to the beauty parlor every week to get their hair fixed in one way or another. These women put their hair in harms way by letting beauticians use strong holding hair sprays on their hair. Excessive teasing may also be done to a women’s hair that may cause it to break and fall out. The chemicals in hair dye can also have an affect on whether you lose some of your hair. A woman should not dye her hair very often so that hair loss will not become a problem.

Hair loss in women does not have to be detrimental to their way of living. For as many reasons there are for hair loss, there are treatments and preventive measures that will ensure that a woman has a full head of hair.