How many of us have opted out of performing a workout move and blamed it on our ‘weak knees’. We can almost bet that a large number of us have said that exact phrase. However, you may not realize that your knees have become weak due to a lack of activity. A lot of weak knees occur from poor flexibility in the muscles that surround the knee and not from actual damage to the joints. If you’re looking to regain full use of your knees, then here’s a workout move that you can perform that will tone you as well as strengthen your weak spot.

The move is called the Hip Raise with Knee Press-Out. For this move, grab a workout or yoga mat and lie down on your back. Grab a resistance band and place it right above your knees. With your feet planted on the ground, bend your knees and open your arms up wide at your side with your palms facing up. To create some resistance, press your knees outward. To start the move, lift your hips in an upward motion until you create a straight line between your shoulders and your knees. Hold the position for a few seconds and then slowly lower yourself back to the starting position.

That entire movement counts as one rep, so see if you can go for about 10 or even 15 if you can push yourself. With this workout in your arsenal, you’ll have stronger knees in no time!

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