Computer work quickly tires the eyes. As you can relax rapidly with simple methods your eyes and you’ll find here.

What you can do for relaxed eyes:

First While the computer is working do not forget to blink! Because that keeps the cornea moist and easy on the eyes.

Second When the computer work from time to time insert a short break. During the breaks, close your eyes and gently massage the eyelids with the fingertips. Then open your eyes wide and first in one direction, then in the other direction can circulate.


Third Vitamin A is the indispensable material for healthy eyes.Its precursor, the so-called beta carotene is found in yellow, red and orange fruits and vegetables. Equally important for the eyes: Vitamin C, which promotes blood circulation and strengthens the vascular walls. This puts in plenty of kiwis, citrus fruits, peppers, rose hips and sea buckthorn. Vitamin B2 also includes an eye vitamin and is found in milk, cheese, poultry, liver, wheat germ and wheat bran to find. The absence of such vitamins can cause red, inflamed, watery eyes and sore and look to bad at dusk.

4th To purify the eyes and wrinkles and puffiness is to mitigate the following techniques for massaging the eye area with light pressure:

Refreshment of the eye:

Simply cross your fingers lightly on the eyelids

To reduce swelling:

Exert selective pressure with your fingertips

To purification and mitigation of wrinkles:

First run with the fingertips from the inner eyelid to the outside clockwise rapid tapping movements around the eye. Then apply the same method counterclockwise.

To relax the eyes:

Thumb in the inner corner of my eye set on the eyeball. Riding with gentle pressure below the eyebrows from the inside out. And repeat this several times.

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