Women often develop facial hair due to occurrence of a medical condition called hirsutism. Hirsutism is primarily seen among the female population of Middle East, South Asia and Mediterranean Sea region. Hirsutism might also be a sign of certain medical condition. Below we have described the different procedures of removing facial hair sitting at the comfort of your own home:

The easiest way of removing the unwanted facial hair is by using a clean and sharp razor. The process of shaving might be followed by mild irritation on the skin; applying 1% hydrocortHirsutismisone cream on the affected region will rid you from the irritation triggered by shaving.

You can also use tweezers with tight and sealed grips for plucking the unwanted hair out. Before starting the plucking procedure, heat the face using a hot and moist towel or by putting the face over a pot having steaming water in it. Heating the face will open up the pores and the hair will come out much easily, without causing much pain upon tweezing.

You can also try waxing. This procedure is more helpful for women having larger hair patches on their face. Apply the hot wax on the required parts of the face and put a piece of rough cloth on it. Now, after waiting for about 5 seconds pull the cloth off for removing the facial hair. This process can be quite painful; so should be carried out carefully.

You can also use the over-the-counter depilatories for removing facial hair. However, before applying any such product on your face, you must perform a patch test for ensuring that your skin is not sensitive towards any chemical present in that product.

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