Freckles are common signs of skin aging; however, young individuals and even children and babies often get freckles due to increase in the levels of the skin pigment called melanin. This article will inform you about an useful remedy for freckles.

Mash or grind ¼ cup of unripe currants; you can use the juice or food processor for the purpose.
Now, add a tablespoon unpasteurized honey to the mashed currant.
Removing freckles naturallyThis mixture containing honey and current will have to be dabbed on the regions of your skin having freckles. Wait for 30 minutes; the ingredients will need that much time for penetrating your skin.
After 30 minutes, wash off the honey and currant paste using warm water.
Allow some time for your skin to get dry. The next step would be applying lemon juice to the skin areas having freckles. Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent; it will help in lightening the freckles. Wait for 15 minutes to allow the lemon juice to penetrate your skin. Then, wash off the face again using warm water.
All the above steps must be repeated twice every day. The ideal times of performing these steps is after you get up from bed in the morning and before going to bed at night. This procedure must be continued until the freckles go away completely; you may need to practice this remedy for weeks or months depending on the kind of damage the freckles has caused to your skin.

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