restless leg syndrome

People who have restless leg syndrome may feel certain sensations inside of their legs that feel uncomfortable. These sensations may be in the form of a burning feeling or a feeling that something is crawling inside of their legs. Sensations seem worse when a person is trying to rest or when they are attempting to sleep. There is help for this aggravating disease. If restless leg syndrome is treated in the right way, the symptoms will be relieved considerably. Restless leg syndrome treatment is available through a person’s physician or by utilizing other types of remedies.

Get Enough Sleep

restless legWhen a person has restless leg syndrome they should try to maintain a sleep schedule that is regular. Irregular sleep can cause fatigue and fatigue can cause restless leg syndrome symptoms to worsen. You should try going to sleep at the same time every night so that your legs will feel refreshed in the morning. Try resting with a pillow between your legs, if you are someone who sleeps on their side, to relieve pressure of your legs touching. If going to sleep is a problem for you, then you may want to take some form of sleeping aid to get the much needed rest that you need.

Do Some Form of Exercise

You should do some form of exercise to help you with your restless leg syndrome treatment. Make sure that you exercise in moderation, though, because too much exercise may worsen your restless leg syndrome. Going for a short walk everyday is a good idea if you need exercise. Another great way to get this exercise is to park your car a short distance from a store, when you are shopping. Walking this small distance can improve how your legs feel. You may also want to consider swimming for your restless legs because swimming in water minimizes the stress of exercise.

Weight Loss Helps

It is advised , if you are overweight and have restless leg syndrome, that you lose some weight. A person’s legs are not developed to carry more weight than they should. Losing weight will take the pressure off of your legs so that the symptoms of restless leg syndrome will decrease. Try going to a weight loss group or go online for great ideas on ways to lose weight. With weight loss,  your circulation will improve and you will be able to get some relief.

Medications and  Vitamin Supplements

Restless Leg SyndromeMedications can be given for restless leg syndrome treatment. These medications will relieve the pain and uncomfortable feeling in your legs. Certain medications work better than others for restless leg syndrome. For this reason, you may want to get informed on all medications that are available on the market and talk with your physician about the best one to take for you. Vitamin supplements should also be considered as a treatment for restless leg. You may be low on vitamins such as iron and vitamin B. Being low on these types of vitamins can affect your legs being susceptible to restless leg syndrome.

Restless leg syndrome can be maintained with the right combinations of treatments.