I recently suffered whiplash due to sudden and strong jerk to my neck during car accident. I suffer pain in my neck. I consulted a doctor  he advised me that I must go for complete  reversal of cervical lordosis. What is meant by complete reversal of cervical lordosis?  What are the procedures for it ? How is it done ? Is it possible ? Are there any after effects of it please explain what is my treatment. To confirm the diagnosis and further treatment, you are advised to go for X ray and MRI of cervical spine.

Answer (by Dr. Naresh Kumar Agrawal): Normally cervical spine has forward curvature that is lordosis, when this curve is reversed posteriorly is called reversal of cervical lordosis , leads to severe neck pain, stiffness, headache , nausea , vomiting  and radiation of pain to upper limbs leading to tingling ,numbness of hand .It causes difficulty in working at home and work.  You should use cervical pillow and comfortable bed during sleep. During sitting, use comfortable chair with soft back support, soft sitting cushion and arm support. Avoid forward bending of neck and back for long time, heavy weight lifting and sitting on the ground. Take diet rich in calcium like milk and its product with vitamin D supplements. Heat therapy and exercises of neck must be done under physiotherapist guidance. Consult orthopedician for further advice.

* Dr. Naresh Kumar Agrawal Dr. Naresh Kumar Agrawal is a Senior Consultant and Orthopedics Surgeon with 30 years of experience, having his own clinic in Rohini in Delhi, India.

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