Exercises and physical therapy are most effective remedies for herniated disc. Besides that, the doctor also asks the patients to take adequate rest and have the prescribed dosages of certain anti-inflammatory medications. Corrective surgery is only prescribed when the combination of the above mentioned treatment procedures fail to heal the condition. Below, we have discussed about the exercises that are safe for patients with herniated disc.

Strengthening exercises: Majority of tHerniated dische strengthening exercises allows us to lie down for completing them. The two strengthening exercises recommended to herniated disc patients are prone trunk raises and upper-ab curls.

Steps of the prone trunk raises:
Lie with your face facing the ground; the arms should be placed beside the body.
Tighten the muscles of your buttocks and lift the shoulders and head straight up.
Move up the shoulders and head as much as you can without hurting yourself.
Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds and relax; this exercise should be repeated10 times.
Steps of the upper-ab curls:
Lie down on the ground keeping the arms on your sides; the knees must be bent.
Tilt the pelvis for flattening the back.
Now, raise the shoulders and head up to the level so that the shoulders do not remain in contact with the ground anymore.
Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds; this exercise should also be repeated 10 times.
Stretching exercises: Doctors ask herniated disc patients to perform Pilates and yoga for getting rid of the pain caused by the condition and increasing their muscle flexibility. Herniated disc patients must perform stretching exercises slowly without causing too much bouncing and jerking. Two of the safest stretching options for these patients are the quadriceps stretch and the hamstring stretch. Each of these stretches should be performed 2-3 times; for best effects the stretches should be hold for 20-30 seconds in every repetition.

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