For people with hectic schedules but still want to keep healthy, the whole concept of salad in a jar is probably the best thing since sliced bread, sliced whole wheat bread, that is.

But there is more to it than just stuffing your jar then sealing in the goodness. If you do it wrong, you could end up with one sad salad and very soggy greens.

So to make sure you keep the crunch for when it’s time to munch, follow this step by step, ingredient by ingredient guide.

Salad in a jar, how to pack it up perfectly.

Salad In A Jar: How To Pack It Up Perfectly

What You Need:

  • Salad Dressing
  • Greens
  • Other salad add ons
  • A wide mouth jar with a tight lid

This is not a recipe, but a guide that works will all sorts of recipes on how to pack your salad in a jar right. However, there are a couple of recipes listed at the very bottom. :)

How To Pack:

When preparing your salad in a jar, follow the order of these ingredients to make sure that your salad stays fresh, tasty, and crunchy.

1. Salad Dressing
2. Hard Vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, beets…
3. Beans, Pasta, Grains
4. Cheese, Proteins like tuna flakes or hard boiled egg…
5. Soft Vegetables, Fruits, like avocado, tomato, berries…
6. Nuts, Seeds
7. Salad Greens

You should always end with the salad greens keeping them as far away from the dressing as possible.

When you are done packing up your salad, make sure you seal it tight the night before, pop it in the fridge, and it will be ready for you to just grab and go the next day. As long as you keep the jar at an upright position, you can rest assured that your greens will be nice and crunchy.

Salad In A Jar Recipes

So now you know how to pack your jar, but what do you put in it? It’s fun to get creative and make your own masterpiece, but if the chef’s had doesn’t fit, then here are some great salad in a jar recipes that you should definitely try.

Glowing Green Mason Jar Salads – Because going green isn’t just for smoothies. I love the use of avocado!

Shrimp and Feta Cobb Salad-  Shrimp.

Taco Mason Jar Salad- When you’re in the Mexican mood

The net is just swarming with recipes, some you’d never even imagine existed. So if these don’t tickle your tongue’s fancy, remember that a little research can bring in a whole lot of recipes.

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