I am thirty years of age. I had severe pain in my teeth so I went to the nearby dentist. He said that I have few cavities which need filling and one tooth has gone completely. He filled two cavities and asked me to come after one week. He said that I also need scaling for my teeth. I want to know which material will be used for dental filling. Why is he not filling all the cavities together? What is scaling? Why and how it is done? Is it necessary to get it done? What if I don’t get it done? Please guide me.

Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): Dental Fillings are generally or tooth Coloured and non tooth Coloured, tooth Coloured fillings are composites and GIC fillings, and for non tooth Coloured silver is used. Filling the cavities requires proper time and procedure, so sometimes completing all the fillings at one appointment is not possible. Scaling is the procedure where dental professionals removes tartar (plaque and calculus) from teeth using hand or ultrasonic instrument. It is advisable to get the scaling done every six months as this removes the tartar which is not accessible by other self oral hygiene procedure.

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