Everything that an individual wishes to happen in life comes at the right time and with a great purpose. With passion, determination and hard work, nothing is impossible in life. I can feel that now is the right time for me to pursue a degree in Psychiatric Nursing. Life is more worth living if you dedicate it by giving service to other people. Being enrolled in Fairfield University will surely make all my dreams a reality come true. My name is (insert name of student here) and I can say that my personal and academic experience motivated me to pursue my Master’s degree of Science in Nursing.

During my undergraduate studies, one of my favorite subjects is Psychiatric Nursing. I also love the memorable experience in school whenever I spend my time observing how psychiatric nurses and nurse practitioners in the acute care setting and the Assertive Community Treatment program plays their role with full service and responsibility. I foresee myself being in the same situation and serving other people with the best of my capabilities. I wish to become an Army Nurse because it mergers tow things that I love the most, nursing and being a service member.

Earning a Master of Science in Nursing will allow me to join the Army with a specialty that would be invaluable to the Corp. Being in the military field is never an easy task and I want to aid the men and women of our military who often return home with the hidden scars of war. I will utilize my skills and training gained from the masters program to help our service men and women deal with the emotional and psychological effects of military service. With all that has been said and done, I anticipate my future with success.

I believe that being enrolled in Fairfield University is the best choice for me because I will be completing my studies in an institution that recruits only the best and finest students. It has wide array of academic resources and school facilities that will make me well prepared for my future career. Professors who are expert in the field of Psychiatric Nursing will give me proper training and lecture which I will apply on my future service as an army nurse.

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